8-11 October 2022

Asian Contents & Film Market

2020 Selections

  • Korean IP
  • Taiwanese IP
  • Japanese IP

E-IP Market 2020 presented 17 Korean IPs notable for their diverse genres. Sci-fi and fantasy based on unique storylines, comedy and drama highlighting lively characters, action and noir themes told through dynamic narrations are such.

Also, a total of 10 original Taiwanese IPs were selected by Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) in regards to uniqueness, the feasibility of visualization, and prominence of the original author. Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO) introduced 8 selections from various platforms, including manga, book, web novel, and radio drama.

(IP Title in alphabetical order)
No. Title Company Author Genre IP Category
1 A-men

*closed the deal for the novel publishing right

ALL THAT STORY CO., LTD KIM Chanyeong Comedy, Drama, Cult Story
2 Bad Mom GOZKNOCK ENT LEE Ji-eun Mystery, Suspense, Thriller Book
3 Burning Heart

*closed the deal for the drama series adaptation right

KYOBO BOOK CENTRE LEE Doo-on Suspense, Thriller, Mystery Book

*under development for production of drama series

TAKEONE COMPANY KANG Hyeonggyu Action, Drama, Fantasy Webtoon
5 Children of the Empire

*closed the deal for the webtoon adaptation right

GOZKNOCK ENT LEE Sungjin Historical Drama, Mystery, Suspense Book
6 Fisher of Men LICO CORP. LICO Mystery, Thriller, Suspense Story
7 How to Extend Mrs. Lim's Lifespan GOLDENBOUGH Kangumgoa Comedy, Drama Web Novel
8 Jini, Jinny EUNHAENG NAMU PUBLISHING CO., LTD JEONG You Jeong Drama, Fantasy, Adventure Book
9 Marshal Allen's Detective Office MUNPIA INC. Writer S Action, Sci-fi, Suspense Web Novel
10 One Baby Two Daddies STORYCOMPANY Story: HEO Iwon
Art: LEE Gyeongseok
Comedy, Drama, Romance Webtoon
11 The Pit TAKEONE COMPANY LEE Dong Cheol Drama, Noir, Action Webtoon
12 The Past of Lights MOONJI PUBLISHING CO., LTD. EUN Heekyung Drama, Comedy, Romance Book
13 Reapers

*under development for production of drama series

Art: AN Kyung-ik
Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action Webtoon
14 Shells1)

*RIDIBOOKS webtoon series completed

SAFEHOUSE INC. SHIM Neoul Sci-fi, Drama, Romance Book
15 Sinkhole STORYHOUSE Story: JIN Cheolsu
Art: Mongwoo
Mystery, Thriller, Horror Webtoon
16 The Smuggling: Least Concern SAFEHOUSE INC. LEE Sanwha Adventure, Crime, Action Book
17 The Time-warping Salaryman MUNPIA INC. Jungjoohaeng Drama, Fantasy, Romance Web Novel

1)Included in a book Superstar

* Webtoon: a term used to describe Korean web comics