11 - 14 October 2021

Asian Contents & Film Market 2021

(IP Title in alphabetical order)
No. Title Company Author Genre IP Category
1 Anonymous, I Know You! LICO/NAVER WEBTOON CORP. LICO Drama, Fantasy, Coming of Age Webtoon
2 Arowana and I FOX CORNER PUBLISHING HOUSE PARK Sung-Kyung Drama, Comedy, Coming of Age Book
3 Dorona Farewell Office EUNHAENG NAMU PUBLISHING CO., LTD. SON Hyoun Ju Drama, Romance, Comedy Book
4 Ensnared YJ COMICS CO. HAEMURI Thriller, Drama, Fantasy Webtoon
5 Equation of the President KYOBO BOOK CENTRE JEON Hwi-mok Drama Book
6 The Evaporated Woman GOZKNOCK ENT KIM Youngju Mystery, Thriller, Suspense Book
7 For Thine is the Kingdom MUNHAKDONGNE PUBLISHING CO., LTD. KIM Kyung-uk Spy, Historical Drama, Comedy Book
8 The Gate of Solitude: Cinderella-The Mystery Cuisine3 DULNYOUK PUBLISHING CO. Kyle JUNG Action, Comedy, Adventure Book
9 The Guests ALL THAT STORY INC. KIM Chan Yeong Comedy, Drama, Action Story
10 Gyeongseong Women's Counseling Center BOOKOCEAN PUBLISHING CO. Jay KIM Mystery, Adventure, Thriller Book
11 How to Deal with Evil Boss? BRITG/GOLDENBOUGH LEE Sagu Horror, Comedy, Cult Web Novel
12 Hyesu, Haesu SANZINI LIM Jungyeon Coming of Age, Action, Cult Book
13 Into the Triangular Wave KYOBO BOOK CENTRE HWANG Seyeun Action, Comedy, Adventure Book
14 Lady Coroner in Joseon GOZKNOCK ENT KIM Isaac Mystery, Historical Drama, Thriller Book
15 The Panic MUNPIA CO., LTD. K.soul Horror, Fantasy, Comedy Web Novel
16 Parts KYOBO BOOK CENTRE KIM Hye-young Drama, Thriller, Comedy Book
17 Rebirth: A Song for a Girl Named Ryeon JOARA Team HA Romance, Fantasy Web Novel
18 Reply: Hate Comments JOARA Dajung Crime, Thriller, Drama Web Novel
19 The Savior at Night SAFEHOUSE INC. CHEON Seonran Mystery, Romance, Drama Book
20 Si Bel Homme List LICO/NAVER WEBTOON CORP. LICO Romance, Comedy Webtoon
21 Sontag Hotel INDIEPAPER CHOUNG Myung Seob Action, Historical Drama, Spy Book
22 Strike Out Not Out BOOKRECIPE KANG In Kyu Coming of Age, Sports, Drama Book
23 The Time of Scorpion JOARA KIM Hong Lim Action, Thriller, Romance Web Novel
24 Two Steps Away TOYOU’S DREAM Story: LEE Eun-Jung
Art: KIM Byung-gwan
Romance, Coming of Age, Comedy Webtoon
25 Vigilante DASAN BOOKS JO Wanseon Thriller, Action, Historical Drama Book
26 WAGZAK STORYWIZ SESANG Fantasy, Romance, Thriller Web Novel
27 Weather Boy EO CONTENT GROUP PARK Jae-young Romance, Comedy, Sci-Fi Story
28 A Week of Self-Care with the Father DULNYOUK PUBLISHING CO. KIM Liwon Drama, Coming of Age, Mystery Book

E-IP Market (Entertainment Intellectual Property Market)

E-IP Market, organized by Asian Contents & Film Market, is an IP trading zone for various original content adaptable across multiple media platforms. Original works published on digital media platforms, including webtoon, web drama, web novel, as well as traditional content such as books, are traded in the E-IP Market for adaptations. This year’s E-IP Market presents 28 Korean IPs of diverse genre based on fresh idea and concept that reflects the latest trend and current-day issues. Also, E-IP Market introduces 17 original IPs from Taiwan and Japan, partnering with Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) and the Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO) following last year.