11 - 14 October 2021

Asian Contents & Film Market 2021


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Market Badge

Home Registration Market Badge

Asian Contents & Film Market (hereinafter “ACFM”) is a professional industrial event which is only allowed for market badge holders where film⠂video⠂entertainment specialists from 45 countries around the world participate in. ACFM 2021 will run as online market and on-site events(for domestic participants only).

Periods & Rates

Online Date Price(Tax Exempt)
Market Badge Early Registration 23 August - 30 September $50
General Registration 1 - 14 October $100
  • Asian Contents & Film Market is implemented as a duty-free business, and the Market Badge price is provided as a supply value without VAT

Market Badge Registration Process

Market Badge Benefits

  • Access to ACFM 2021 Online site
  • Access to Online Screening and P&I Screening
  • Online pre-registration and online video meeting available of APM project meetings
  • Online pre-registration and online video meeting available of E-IP Business Meetings
  • Attend Online events at ACFM 2021
  • Access to ACFM participant database
  • Membership to Cinando
CINANDO Registered delegates enjoy a free 6-months membership to Cinando - the first online network for film professionals - and access to contacts, company line-ups, film details and the screening schedule. Also available on iPhone and Android via the Cinando app. Delegates will receive an email notification on how to access their account. For any questions on Cinando, please contact: contactus@cinando.com

Details of Market Badge

  • You can apply for Market Badge after logging in or registering as a new member.
  • For online booth exhibitors, please check the promotion code attached to the Online Booth Registration Confirmation E-mail and apply for Market Badge
  • Only credit card payments are accepted.
  • When payment is successfully completed, a registration confirmation email will be sent.
  • Cancellation can be made up to the online registration deadline, and an administrative fee of 30% will be charged. (70% refund of payment amount)
  • No cancellations or refunds are made after the deadline.

For more information, please contact badge@acfm.kr