Welcome Messages from ACFM Director, OH Seok Geun
Last year was a meaningful time for me to reflect on the ACFM sectors and reconsider the needs of the participants while hosting an online market.

After a thorough debate on the efficiency of a virtual market for business and taking into consideration of the various opinions about organizing a physical event, we arrived to the conclusion of the importance of "gathering" and "story".

ACFM is returning physically after three years of COVID-19, though we will need to prepare for the 'New Normal.' Agendas will need to be discussed with industry professionals to redefine the concept of film, and set a new direction and seek expandability of ACFM, where the arrival of the streamers innovated the distribution system and the structure of film industry is based on theaters. ACFM, as a physical market, will be the agora of discussions and businesses.

The official launch of the world's first Story Market is another main subject. To strengthen the IP sales market, ACFM introduces the 'Busan Story Market,' where stories, the foundation for all content, can be reproduced on various platforms. The Busan Story Market aims to build its position as the world's largest IP transaction market for the film, audiovisual, and content industry.

I express my deepest gratitude for your participation and support of ACFM. We sincerely look forward to meeting you in the upcoming October in Busan.

Thank you.

OH Seok Geun
Director of the Asian Contents & Film Market
ACFM 2022 to Launch World’s First Story Market
ACFM 2022 launches ‘Busan Story Market’ to strengthen the IP sales market.

ACFM’s newly introduced Busan Story Market is a marketplace for film and audiovisual adaptations of original IPs from diverse platforms ranging from literary books to webtoons, web novels, video games, and more.

This new platform has adopted and integrated the function of the E-IP Market (Entertainment Intellectual Property Market), which was established in 2012 and has selected 192 IP submissions over the past 10 years.

While the original E-IP Market only provided business pitching opportunities for the selected IPs, the Busan Story Market is an expanded transaction platform where domestic and foreign content-related organizations and Content Providers (CP) can conduct direct trades on various intellectual properties for adaptation businesses through sales booths.

Furthermore, Busan Story Market will cooperate with its official partners, Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) and Japan’s Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO), as well as receive book IPs from its ASEAN counterparts in Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia to further expand its IP resource. In addition, with domestic and foreign content-related organizations, a large number of publishers and web content producers are expected to participate in the market that will boast an enriched IP lineup.

To participate in the Busan Story Market, contact Story Market Team ip@acfm.kr.
ip@acfm.kr +82 2 3675 5097
Now Open for Online Registration!
Asian Contents & Film Market (ACFM) 2022, scheduled to be held in person from 8 to 11 Oct, is returning to its main venue at BEXCO, Busan, after 2 years of the online and hybrid market. Online registration for the market badge and sales booth is now open at the official website ( www.acfm.kr/eng ).
[Key Dates for Market Registration]
Market Badge Booth Online Screening
Early Bird 18 July - 31 Aug. Sales Booth (BEXCO) 18 July - 20 Aug. 18 July - 20 Sep.
General 1 - 16 Sep. Online Booth (online.acfm.kr) 18 July - 20 Sep.
[Market Badge Price by Registration Periods]
Registration Period Price
Early Bird 18 July - 31 Aug. $ 150
General 1 - 16 Sep. $ 200
On-site 4 - 11 Oct. $ 250
[Market Badge Price by Registration Periods] - Registration Periods
Type Period Venue/Platform
Sales Booth 18 July – 26 Aug. BEXCO, Busan
Online Booth 18 July – 20 Sep. ACFM 2022 Online Platform
- Price by Sales Booth Types
Sales Booth Type Price Complimentary Benefit
Market Badge Accommodation Online
(Common Benefit: Online Booth)
Pop-up stand $1,000 1 badge - -
9sqm(3m*3m) $1,600 2 badge - 5 Online Screenings
18sqm(3m*6m) $2,800 5 badges 5 nights 5 Online Screenings
36sqm(6m*6m) $5,000 5 badges 10 nights 5 Online Screenings
54sqm(6m*9m) $6,500 8 badges 10 nights 10 Online Screenings
Raw space
(Available from 36sqm)
$90/sqm 5 badges 5 nights 5 Online Screenings
* ACFM 2022 offers Online Screening only.
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